F'n Balls ZX Spectrum Game

Xelda get translated

With the help of Hernán Álvarez, there is now a Spanish version of Xelda and with the help of Black Cat, there is a Russian version of Xelda.

The game TAP's are available at



I want to thank both Hernán Álvarez and Black Cat for bringing Xelda to other fans.

F'n Balls - A new 48k ZX Spectrum Game

Help guide Bob the Ball to reach the exit while avoiding the baddies in this 48k/128k game using the FASE Sprite engine.

Download link is at


Xelda Louder Version

I also created a new version for those experiencing volume problems while playing on a real machine.

https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atc34t6eCvqj1DmAppErfgkVQSE7 is the download link for that new version.

Get a ZX Uno

ZX Uno

I test all of my ZX Spectrum programs on my ZX Uno which is the modern equivalent of the humble ZX Spectrum.

I urge you to visit his site and check out the ZX Uno.

If you are interested in a ZX Uno, you can purchase one from antoniovillena. 


I highly recommend that you buy one from him.  It’s a modern-day implementation of the ZX Spectrum using an FPGA to replace all the IC’s found in a ZX Spectrum.  It can connect to your TV via composite or add an RGB adaptor to run it on your VGA monitor.  It’s about the same size as a Raspberry PI.

Why Emulate, when you can run the real thing?


Xelda now available

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7WkpofXFeM&feature=youtu.beXelda, Quest for the Golden Apple

This is my first game for the ZX Spectrum since I played around with Basic as a kid.  Built using the Mojon Twins MK2 game engine, this game took me close to a year to create.  The game is built for the ZX Spectrum 128k, it should work on original machines 128k, Plus 2, Plus 2a, Plus 3, ZX Uno and any other clone machine that allows 128k.  The game has AY Music and boasts  144 upper world screens,  48 lower world screens and 10 in-house screens for a total of 202 screens. 

Mazes, puzzles, object quests and monsters to fight are all part of the game.

I can finish the game in about 2 1/2 hours, can you do better?

The whole project was built initially as a memory test for the MK2 engine to see how many screens I could fit on a 128k machine and built up from there.


Enough with the rambling.


Here is the link to the manual


Here is the link to the game (tap format)



Many thanks to Андрей Gunenko, who was able to recompile the code and translate to Russian, his translated version is:


He also created a walkthru (in Russian) on his youtube site at 






The documentation for the Mojon Twins originally in Spanish, has been translated graciously by Google translate and some grammatical correction by me.


The first part is the Churrera, otherwise known as MK1. 


The MK 1 was enhanced and with some code changes became the MK2.  The MK2 is what Xelda is based on.  The documentation is found at 



Make your own masterpiece using the MK2 and these documents.

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